Band Info

1. What is the current line-up?

Robert Smith :: Voices, Guitars
Simon Gallup :: Basses
Perry Bamonte :: Guitars
Roger O'Donnell :: Keyboards
Jason Cooper :: Drums

2. Who else has played in The Cure?

Michael Dempsey :: Bass (April 1977 - November 1979)
Laurence "Lol" Tolhurst :: Drums, Keyboards
Matthieu Hartley :: Keyboards (November 1979 - November 1980)
Andy Anderson :: Drums (October 1983 - October 1984)
Phil Thornalley :: Bass (October 1984 - February 1985)
Porl Thompson :: Saxophone, Guitars and Keyboards (June 1977 - May 1978, April 1984 - April 1993)
Boris Williams :: Drums (November 1984 - August 1994)
Siouxsie Sioux :: Backing vocals (I'm Cold)
Steve Severin :: Played on Pornography demos and the Flexipop! version of La Ment
Gary Biddles :: Backing Vocals (Pornography Tour)
Steve Goulding :: Drums (Some of Japanese Whispers
Derek Thompson :: Bass (The Oxford Road Show in April 1983)
Vince Ely :: Drums (Some of The Top tour)
Ron Howe :: Saxophone (A Night Like This)
Andrew Brennan :: Saxophone (Hey You! and Icing Sugar)
Roberto Suave :: Bass (Some of the European leg of the Wish tour, as Simon was ill)
Kate Wilkinson :: Viola (To Wish Impossible Things)
Mark Price :: Drums (Mint Car, Trap, Treasure)
Ronald Austin :: Drums (This Is A Lie)
Louis Paylou :: Drums (Club America)
Mr. Chandrashekhar :: Violins (Numb)
String Quartet arranged by Audrey Riley :: Want, This Is A Lie, Round & Round & Round, Numb, Treasure, Bare
Brass Section arranged by Sid Gauld :: The 13th, Gone!, Return
Reeves Gabrels :: Guitar (Wrong Number)
Andrea & Angela (?) :: Backing Voclas (Wrong Number remixes)

3. What was Easy Cure?

Easy Cure was The Cure's old name before they had released any album. They had gotten the name from a song (Easy Cure) that Lol Tolhurst had written, but the "Easy" was dropped later on because Robert Smith felt it was too "hippyish" and "American".

4. What was The Cult Hero?

The Cult hero was a one-off side project featuring Frank Bell, "The Cult Hero", on vocals. The instrumentals were done by The Cure and many of their family and friends, including The Obtainers, Robert's sisters Janet, who played bass, and Margaret Smith, who sang backing vocals. The only Cult Hero recording ever released was the Cult Hero 7".

5. What was The Glove?

The Glove was a one-off studio project between Robert Smith and Steve Severin of Siouxsie And The Banshees. The vocals on all but 5 songs were done by Jeanette Landray. The project was originally intended to be one single, but they ended up recording 15 tracks. The album, Blue Sunshine, also features Andy Anderson on drums.

6. What was Cogasm?

Cogasm was a side project that included Robert Smith on vocals and also featured David Bowie's guitarist Reeves Gabrels (who also played in the Cure track 'Wrong Number') and The Cure's current drummer Jason Cooper. Cogasm only released one song; "A Sign From God," which was featured on the Orgazmo Soundtrack.

7. What is The Cures connection with Siouxsie & The Banshees?

The Cure and Siouxsie & The Banshees' musical relationship started in 1979 when Robert Smith was asked to go on tour with The Banshees as a replacement guitarist. Then, in 1983, they asked Robert to play guitar on a full studio albums, HyŠna, and a single, Dear Prudence. Following the release, Robert toured with The Banshees and released a live album, Nocturne.
The Banshees singer, Siouxsie Sioux, also sang backing vocals in The Cure track 'I'm Cold' in 1979 and Robert Smith teamed up with Banshees bassist Steve Severin and released an album under the title The Glove (see above) and released an album entitled Blue Sunshine.

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