1. What songs have The Cure recorded commercial videos for?

The Cure have filmed videos for the following songs, listed in order of release;

A Forest
Play For Today
Other Voices
Charlotte Sometimes
The Hanging Garden
Let's Go To Bed
The Walk
The Lovecats
The Caterpillar
Inbetween Days
Close To Me
A Night Like This
The Blood *
Boys Don't Cry
Killing An Arab
10.15 Saturday Night
Jumping Someone Else's Train
Why Can't I Be You?
Just Like Heaven
Hot Hot Hot!!!
Fascination Street
Pictures Of You
Never Enough
Close To Me (Closest Mix)
Friday I'm In Love
A Letter To Elise
The 13th
Mint Car
Wrong Number

Robert Smith also appeared in the Siouxsie & The Banshees video for 'Dear Prudence'

* (This video did not feature The Cure and was not connected with Tim Pope, The Cures choice producer and is very rare)

2. I hear that the UK version of Play Out differs from the US version. Is this true?

Yes, this is true. The UK version of 'Play Out' features live versions of the songs 'Harold And Joe', 'Just like Heaven' and 'If Only Tonight We Could Sleep'.

3. Why do some Cure songs sound different on the video than on record?

Some songs, such as 'The Lovecats', use different versions of the song for the video. As for 'Boys Don't Cry' and the later version of 'Close To Me', these two videos were shot for the remixed versions of the songs.

4. Where can I find Cure videos?

All of The Cures videos released in the year 1980-1986 (except 'The Blood') can be found on the Staring At The Sea video and the videos released between 1987-1998 can be found on the Galore video. The two Siouxsie & The Banshees videos featuring Robert Smith are available on Twice Upon On A Time.

5. Do they play Cure videos on TV?

Sometimes, but not often (and usually late at night), you can find Cure videos being played on MTV and maybe even VH1.

6. Where can I find, or see, The Cure - MTV Unplugged?

Sometimes this is showed on TV, but that's not something you should count on. It is also very easy to find bootlegged copies of this recording.
Also, the video 'Play Out' featured some tracks from the recording, as well as some recordings from the rehearsal
7. Who is Robert dancing with in the Just Like Heaven video?

That is Rober'ts wife, Mary Poole. At the time they were not married, but had been dating for quite a while.

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