1. Where can I find a list of Cure show dates and set lists?

There is a very extensive (but not complete) list of set lists at The Cure Concerts

2. Are there any live Cure bootlegs?

Yes, and plenty of them, in fact. There is an extensive discography of Cure bootlegs at Stiff As Toys And Tall As Men

3. How does the band feel about bootlegging live material?

As far as I've heard, they don't mind it too much as long as fans are not paying money for bootlegs. This is why many Cure bootleg traders will not sell bootlegs, but only trade them. I would also imagine that they don't like people bootlegging songs before they are released.

4. Have The Cure released any live material?

Yes. They have released 8 live recordings:

Title Release Date Recording Date
Concert/Curiosity October, 1984 Various dates from 1978-1984
Live in Japan 1985 October, 1984
In Orange November, 1987 August 9-10, 1986
Entreat March, 1991 July 22-24, 1989
Play Out December, 1991 January 17-February 10, 1991
Show September, 1993 September 18-19, 1992
Paris October, 1993 October 19-21, 1992
Five Live Swing June, 1997 1996

5. Who has opened for The Cure in the past?

The Press
The Beez
Merton Parkas
The Assets
The Associates
The Passions
Au Pairs
Black Lab
The Fall
Lip Service
Tarzan 5
And Also the Trees
Zerra 1
Love and Rockets
The Sugarcubes
Shellyan Orphan
The Cranes
Dinosaur Jr.
10,000 Maniacs
Classix Nouveaux
The Visitors
The Underground Lovers
The Doughboys
(List doesn't include festivals)

6. Who has The Cure opened for?

Young Ones
Siouxsie and the Banshees
(List doesn't include festivals)

7. What Cure songs have never been played live?

2 Late
A Chain Of Flowers
The Dream
Dredd Song
The Exploding Boy
Fear Of Ghosts
A Few Hours After This
A Foolish Arrangement
Harold and Joe
Hello, I Love You
It Used to Be Me
Just One Kiss
A Man Inside My Mouth
More Than This
Mr. Pink Eyes
New Day
Off To Sleep
Out Of Mind
A Pink Dream
Purple Haze
Scared As You
Snow In Summer
Speak My Language
Stop Dead
Sugar Girl
The Three Sisters
The Upstairs Room
This Twilight Garden
To The Sky
Uyea Sound
World In My Eyes
Young Americans

8. What Cure songs have only been performed live?

The Following songs have on ever been performed live on stage or as soundchecks:

Do You Wanna Touch Me?
All I Have To Do Is Kill Her
All Mine
English Rose
Wild Thing
Mission Impossible Theme
Merry Christmas
Happy Birthday
You Really Got Me
Another Girl, Another Planet
Heroin Face
I Hate Rock 'n' Roll
Quicksand (Duet with David Bowie)
Last Thing You Should Do (Duet with David Bowie)

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