1. What awards have The Cure won?

1990 British Music Awards - Best Music Music Video (Lullaby)
1991 British Music Awards - Best British Group

2. What are all the etchings in the run-off grooves on The Cure's records?

Release A-side Inscription B-side Inscription
Boys Don't Cry 7" "But Bill does" "From the land of 1,000 microphones"
  (Referring to Chris Parry) (Referring to the number of mics. needed to recorded the drums for 'Boys Don't Cry')
Jumping Someone Else's Train "Two into three in less than one"  
Let's Go To Bed 7" "Three for the girl" "Seven for a secret"
Let's Go To Bed 12" "But if one green bottle should accidentally fall" "The Queen Of Siam In My Arms"
  (US version reads "But if one green bottle should accidentally rise") (A line from 'Just One Kiss')
The Glove :: Like An Animal 7" "What's The Plan Mac?" "The Plan Is This John"
  (Phrases used by Robert Smith's two nephews and became an 'inside joke' between Robert and Steve Severin)
The Glove :: Like An Animal 12" "So Anyway, There I Was" "But Everything Was A Dream"
The Glove :: Punish Me With Kisses "Please Don't Interrupt Whilst I'm Soliloquizing" "Laughter, There Was Never Laughter"
  (Two lines spoken Vincent Price and Christopher Lee in 'The House Of The Long Shadows')
Tim Pope :: I Want To Be A Tree 12" "A Smith Is As Good As A Smile"  
Concert "Play me loud" "Eat me too"
The Head On The Door "50 Times A Night" "They Do It"
  (Referring to tigers)
Standing On A Beach "All of this" "And back again"
Catch 7" "What's that all about eh?" "Just for one change"
  (Two phrases used by Lol Tolhurst)
Show and Paris "Play this music loud" "Play this music loud"

3. What are those pictures on the Cures covers?

The cover for Charlotte Sometimes was a blurred picture of Mary Poole (now Robert Smiths wife) taken by Robert in a castle in Scotland in 1980. The cover to Pictures Of You was also a picture of Mary taken the same day in the same room. If you blurred the picture from Pictures Of You, it would look just like the cover to Charlotte Sometimes.

The cover for The Head On The Door was a distorted picture of Robert sister, Janet.

4. What is Parched Art?

Parched Art is an art design company that was started by Porl Thompson and Andy "Undy" Vella who designed all of The Cure's cover designs from 1984-1992.

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