1. How can I reach Fiction Records?

You can mail Fiction Records at:

Fiction Records
#4 Tottenham Mews

2. Where can I find a complete list of Cure websites on the net?

Besides the list of links provided on this site, there are a few more websites that provide very extensive lists of Cure websites. The most complete lists I have found are Cured?, The Ultimate Cure Link File, Cure Resources, and The 13th.

3. Where can I find more info on bootlegs?

Your best bet for finding information on Cure bootlegs is Stiff As Toys And Tall As Men. They even go as far as to provide a search engine to find particular songs on bootlegs.

4. Where can I find a site that contains articles and interviews with The Cure?

Stiff As Toys And Tall As Men also has a very extensive archive of Cure interviews, album reviews, and articles

5. Are there any Cure webrings?

Yes. There are currently 3 Cure webrings on the net. There's the Curiosity Webring, the Cure Webring and the Ring Of Curebabies.

6. Are there any Cure mailing lists?

Yes. There are three Cure mailing lists, two of which are conversation lists and one is a news list.
To join these lists, do the following:

(Conversation List)
Send an email with the fields filled out as followed:

Subject: leave this field blank

------------ begin message ---------------
SUBSCRIBE DESCENT your real name

(Conversation List)
send a blank email to for available commands

News Mailing List
The Cure news mailing list is a service from
Club America, so you can go there to sign up.

7. What is "Cure News"?

Cure News is a free newsletter published by the official Cure International Information Service, but there is no way to subscribe to the newsletter. You can, however, mail them with the appropriate postage to receive the next issue. The postage is as follows:

UK fans - Send a large stamped addressed envelope, with at least 43 pence in postage.
(UK fans also include a separate s.a.e for 'Stop Press' a special event's news letter for things happening in the U.K such as Cure Drinks, special events and T.V appearances by the band, etc...)

Overseas fans - Send a large self addressed envelope, plus two International reply coupons (available from your Post office)

Mail to: Chris (Cure News 21)
PO Box 211, Hayes, Middlesex
UB4 9NZ, England.
Past issues of 'Cure News' are available online on the Official Cure Website

8. Is there an official Cure website?

Yes. The official Cure sites URL is

9. Where can I buy Cure albums?

Two great places to find new CDs is CDNOW and Amazon

10. here can I find Cure T-shirts, posters, etc.?

Two great places to find Cure T-shirts are Burning Airlines and Weatherman Records
And a great place to find posters is Push Posters
Also, some of the toys featured on covers to Wild Mood Swings era releases can be found at Veghead, Cabbages & Kings Collections, and Robots & Wind Me Up Toys

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