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Sites in the Curiosity Webring

General Information

A Chain Of Flowers
the best resource for news, also good tour-info.

A Foolish Arrangement
the largest collection of cure-collectibles and lyrics to faith-versions.

A Torturous Concept
where did the cure perform on this day in which year, regular polls, discography.

spanish lyrics, midi files.

Blue Sunshine
all around the glove: discography, lyrics and info.

Close To Cure
russian fan club.

Cold Colours
song inspirations from literature.

Cult Hero Simon
all about the most drunken bassist in the world.

Cure Music Page
an excellent resource for tablatures, show list and faq.

Deep Green Heart
always new stories to explore.

italian lyrics, forever versions.

Golden Haze
features great cure-related artworks, cure jokes, and lyrics translated to italian.

New Day
japan discography, books, magazines, tv-appearances.

Pretending To Swim
excellent story-archive, self-made flash-clips to cure songs.

interviews & art.

Stiff As Toys And Tall As Men
searchable discography, tour dates, bootlegs, discussion board, sale/trade board.


cure rarities @

Sky Blue Sounds
cure-only, offers everything, not only records.

Subculture Music
sells lots of rare cure-records.

online music and film fair.


The Cure @MSN

Voodoo Smile Fanzine

Yahoo Club Procure

Yahoo Club The Cure


SETI@Home Team 'Jupiter Crash'

New Wave Photos


A Thousand Hours - trading page

Get Smart 86's Music

Mr. Monty Hall