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interviews & articles

cranes speak about cure at hyde park + photos, july 2002, july 2002

no solo musica, march 2002
apogee digital, jan. 2002 article, dec. 12th 2001, dec. 11th 2001
yahoo, dec. 11th 2001
music planet 2 nite (arte), paris, oct. 26th 2001
intro video interview nov. 6th 2001
jam nov. 6th 2001
live daily nov. 8th 2001
aol interview
very interesting articles about mark plati's work with the cure
cof interview with robert - artists on music censorship
roskilde festival 2001
the cure in argentinia 1987
bowie's 50th birthday video-interview 2000 2000
fast forward - canal+ belgique, mars 2000 - video stills
fritz audio-interview november 1996
guitar player
jam fan-questions 1996 video-interview 2000 biography
fluoresce audio interviews australia 1997 1999 audio-interview 2000
rockstar entertainment article about levinhurst levinhurst interview interview with roger cure-report 2000
fac 193 interview with lol

radio interview transcripts at cof
from the cure to the sky - articles from 79 to 89

Baktabak Interview Vol. 2
Baktabak Interview Vol. 2