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records the cure appears on

For The Masses Stone Free The Crow X Files

tributes to the cure

100 Tears Fictional String Quartet TheQure

covered cure-songs

birdmad girl - close to me
blue audio - just like heaven
picture of robert with dinosaur jr, who covered 'just like heaven'
easy cure
garden of dreams - to the sky
insight - the drowning man
just jack - snowflakes vs. lullaby
kill pop - siamese twins
migala - plainsong
mudah peach
naimee coleman - lovesong (video)
nothing - bloodflowers
one hundred tears
out of mind tribute page
pato fu - just like heaven
paul fiction - in your house + hot hot hot!!!
philtron - lament
pink pig project
prayers for disintegration
prayers for rain
procure (virtual cover band)
professional murder music - a night like this
relative - high
test planet
the cureheads
the garden - a forest (extended mix)
the spinning tops
thuoc - killing an arab v1.0 v2.0
tori amos - lovesong