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WinAmp Skins Best of the Net
Seven great Cure skins from the fansite. Themes from Boys Don't Cry, Head On The Door, Kiss Me, Disintigration era and photos. Very Nice!

I just want to say Dominik that you are absolutely amazing! Amillion thanks for your"not-to-be-topped" site!!
Distint, October 1st 2001

ok this is gonna sound like im kissing dominks ass but oh well, i think he deservers it goes:
with out dom bringing this site to life, none of us would have ever met in the virtual world. none of us would have every exprssed opinions about our favorite music(the cure of course). none of us would have known the other cure related items that are out in this world... and it goes on.
come to think of it, i dont think dominik has ever recieved to many 'thank yous' on the message board. THANK YOU dominik, and thank you to the rest of you other fans out there that i have met.
Ryan, September 29th 2001

This is a brilliant fan site with a lot to offer. The Archive includes history, tabs, discography, FAQ, and more. Also includes downloads, media, games, images and links. Way too much stuff to list here.

Just a quick note to let you know what a fantastic site you people are running. As a fan it is great to have a resource as comprehensive as yours. Keep up the great work and know that it is much appreciated.
Michael, July 4th 2001

I just wanted to congratulate you on providing the most informative, up to date and interesting Cure site I've come across. I love receiving your newsletter, and it's nice to know that even when there's not much to report, you send one anyway, just to let us know you haven't forgotten us or that you've added something to the site. I listen to the pirate radio station every time I'm online (the selection is fantastic), and you did such an awesome job on the 'Yesterday's Gone' video, I watch it all the time!
Melinda Reid, June 8th 2001

This is the best site for Cure fans that I have found so far.
Mary Hall, January 23rd 2001

A fab site....without a doubt!!! the downloads... the design... thank whatever for people like you making such brilliant sites!!!
Greg, January 13th 2001

This site is absolutely brilliant. The graphics are gorgeous... you have done a fabulous job.
Rosalie, October 26th 2000

This is the BEST Cure website! Really! Great Design, a lot of info, very well done.
Get Smart 86, September 25th 2000

I *really* love all the work you do at your site. The gallery section is absolutely awesome...
Lane, April 13th 2000

wow... I hope you like the new album   Robert
Robert Smith, February 17th 2000

history is online since june 13th 1999

curiosity v1.0 september 9th 1999

curiosity v1.0 september 9th 1999

curiosity v2.0 march 7th 2000

curiosity v2.0 march 7th 2000

curiosity v3.0 june 21st 2000

curiosity v3.0 june 21st 2000