What is the current line-up?
Who else has played in The Cure?
What was Easy Cure?
What was The Cult Hero?
What was The Glove?
What was Cogasm?
What is The Cures connection with Siouxsie & The Banshees?


What Cure albums should I buy first?
Where can I find B-sides?
I've heard of a song call {title}, but I can't find it on any album. Where did this song come from?
What studio demos were recorded but never released on an album?
What are the Peel Sessions?
What is Lost Wishes?
What is the difference between Three Imaginary Boys and Boys Don't Cry?
What symbols go with which songs on Three Imaginary Boys?
What songs have The Cure covered?
Who has covered The Cure?
Is there a difference between the Flexipop! version of La Ment and the regular version?
What literature has inspired Robert's songwriting?
Why does Robert change the lyrics to songs when performing them live?
What is the sample at the beginning of the song 'Pornography' from?


What songs have The Cure recorded commercial videos for?
I hear that the UK version of Play Out differs from the US version. Is this true?
Why do some Cure songs sound different on the video than on record?
Where can I find Cure videos?
Do they play Cure videos on tv?
Where can I find, or see, The Cure - MTV Unplugged?
Who is Robert dancing with in the Just Like Heaven video?


Where can I find a list of Cure show dates and setlists?
Are there any live Cure bootlegs?
How does the band feel about bootlegging live material?
Have The Cure released any live material?
Who has opened for The Cure in the past?
Who has The Cure opened for?
What Cure songs have never been played live?
What Cure songs have only been performed live?


What awards have The Cure won?
What are all the etchings in the run-off grooves on The Cure's records?
What are those pictures on the covers of Charlotte Sometimes and Head On The Door?
What is Parched Art?


How can I reach Fiction Records?
Where can I find a complete list of Cure websites on the net?
Where can I find more info on bootlegs?
Where can I find a site that contains articles and interviews with The Cure?
Are there any Cure webrings?
Are there any Cure mailing lists?
What is "Cure News"?
Is there an official Cure website?
Where can I buy Cure albums?
Where can I find Cure T-shirts, posters, etc.?

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